Pure, Clean, Local Spring Water

Pure, Clean, Local Spring Water

Get Kentwood Aquifer Spring water delivered from Blue Springs in New Iberia and serving Acadiana

Founded in 2005 as a bottler and distributer for 3- and 5-gallon bottles, Blue Springs has since grown into a full-service spring water delivery company for businesses, families and communities in the New Iberia, Acadiana, and all surrounding areas.

Sourced from the Kentwood Aquifer in Kentwood, LA, the artesian spring water that Blue Springs delivers to our customers originates in naturally-filtering formations that are over 140 years old. After we tap our spring water from the well, it is put through carbon filtration, micron filtration and ozonation. This comprehensive three-step process works to ensure the absolute cleanest flavor while maintaining the spring water’s mineral-rich health benefits.

Local Spring Water for New Iberia, Acadiana and all surrounding area residents

Blue Springs is a locally owned and operated company that truly cares about the community we serve in New Iberia, Acadiana and surrounding areas. We supply superior artesian bottled spring water because we believe in spring water’s power to improve the lives of our customers. The need for a clean, quality source of spring water unites all people, and that is something we remain passionate about.

Let us be your first source for filtered spring water. Contact us today and discover how we can improve the health of your family or employees with a custom spring water delivery program.

Trust in our comprehensive 3-step process

Once we tap and bottle our water straight from the well, it is put through micron filtration, carbon filtration, and ozonation to ensure the cleanest flavor. We deliver to homes and offices.