Tap Into a Clean Resource

Tap Into a Clean Resource

Find a better spring water souce in New Iberia, Acadiana and all surrounding areas from Blue Springs

Did you know that there are problems with today’s municipal water?

Unfortunately, it’s true. Across the country, microbes, pesticides, waste and other contaminants regularly infiltrate municipal water supplies without being properly filtered. Chemicals such as arsenic, radon, lead and nitrates can seep into the municipal water that comes out of your tap, leading to a variety of minor and major health issues. To add to the problem, many municipal water treatment processes produce chemical by-products that are as bad as the pollutants they are intended to eliminate!

Don’t take a risk with the health of you, your family or your employees. Maintain the flow of clean, natural spring water to the people you care about in New Iberia, Acadiana, and all surrounding areas with Blue Springs.

The deep wells that Blue Springs relies on for its bottled spring water are naturally-filtered, 140-year-old aquifers. These impermeable rock formations protect the spring water from outside contamination. The FDA-mandated, three-step filtration that occurs afterwards— carbon filtration, micron filtration and ozonation— avoids the chemical-heavy industrial processes that so often produce unsafe bottled water.

Isn’t it time that you ensured the stuff you put into your body is pure? Send Blue Springs a message today and start hydrating again with confidence!